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Our team has decades of experienced in audit and enterprise risk management to strengthen your organization and optimizing resources. Providing Internal Audits, Vendor Audits, External Audit Coordination, and Fraud Investigations. We excel at ensuring compliance, risk management, and uncovering any irregularities within organizations. 

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Do you suspect fraud or want to prevent it from occurring?

Our Certified Fraud Investigators guarantee a thorough and legal investigation process.

We manage every phase of an investigation, including interviewing suspects, conducting background checks, performing forensic accounting, collecting evidence, and compiling reports for law enforcement and legal proceedings.

Fraud Assessment is an effective tool utilized by companies of all sizes and industries to effectively identify and prioritize areas of fraud risk within their organization, noting probability of potential fraud schemes and the internal controls in place to prevent or detect those schemes. The Fraud Assessment identifies risk and exposure, scores the likelihood and significance of each fraud risk/exposure, assesses effectiveness of each control activity, identifies residual fraud risk, and fraud risk response action plans.

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