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At The Compliance Shop, we specialize in providing independent consulting services in the realms of Internal Audit, Forensic Audits, Fraud Investigation, External Audit Coordination, and Third-Party Risk Management. Our firm is built on the foundation of integrity, excellence, and a deep commitment to safeguarding our clients’ interests and most valuable asset their reputation.

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We assist organizations strengthen their internal controls, identify risk, promote transparency, and increase productivity. Providing Independant Services: 

  • Internal Audit 

  • Fraud Investigation and Protection

  • Whistleblower Hotline 

  • Third Party Risk Management

  • External Audit Coordination

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Our team has decades of experienced in audit and enterprise risk management to strengthen your organization and optimizing resources. We excel at ensuring compliance, risk management, and uncovering any irregularities within organizations so that you can be efficient and effective in your operations. 



Do you suspect fraud or want to prevent it from occurring?

Our Certified Fraud Investigators guarantee a thorough and legal investigation process.

We manage every phase of an investigation, including interviewing suspects, conducting background checks, performing forensic accounting, collecting evidence, and compiling reports for law enforcement and legal proceedings.

Fraud Assessment is an effective tool utilized by companies of all sizes and industries to effectively identify and prioritize areas of fraud risk within their organization, noting probability of potential fraud schemes and the internal controls in place to prevent or detect those schemes. The Fraud Assessment identifies risk and exposure, scores the likelihood and significance of each fraud risk/exposure, assesses effectiveness of each control activity, identifies residual fraud risk, and fraud risk response action plans.

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Internal auditing is an indispensable function for any organization, involving the objective evaluation of risks, process analysis, and system efficiency assessments.

Areas of Focus:

  • Operational Risks: Internal audit investigates procedural efficiency, fraud management, health and safety adherence, and environmental compliance.

  • Controls and Compliance: Auditors examine processes, financial records, and adherence to laws and regulations.

  • Risk Management: They formulate recommendations to bolster risk management.

Internal Audits assures stakeholders and is key to ensuring robust controls, effective risk management, and alignment with organizational objectives.

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Our seasoned team specializes in seamless audit coordination, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: your core business.

  • Experience Matters: With decades of expertise in the audit field, we understand the intricacies of compliance, risk management, and process evaluation. Our seasoned professionals have been through it all, regulatory audits to SOC audits.

  • Prescribed Scope Assurance: Auditors often stray from their designated scope, leading to inefficiencies and wasted time. We’ll keep them on track, ensuring they examine the right areas without unnecessary diversions.

  • Thorough Responses: Our team crafts meticulous and comprehensive responses. We know precisely what auditors seek—whether it’s evidence, documentation, or process insights. 

  • Efficiency: Time is valuable, especially during audits. We streamline the entire process, minimizing disruptions to your operations. Our efficient coordination ensures deadlines are met, gaps are addressed promptly, and compliance is maintained.

  • Gap Remediation: We’ll guide you through remediation steps, ensuring compliance gaps are resolved promptly.

Let us handle the audit chaos while you focus on growth.

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Third Party relationships Including Suppliers, Vendors, Grantees, and Contractors introduce levels of risks, ranging from compliance, data security, reputational and legal. We assess the performance, billings, and contractual obligations of third parties and identify inconsistencies, as well as potential opportunities for improvement. 

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Whistleblower hotlines play a crucial role in detecting and preventing fraud within organizations. Here are three benefits of handling whistleblower hotlines independently, as supported by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE):

  1. Fear of Retaliation:

    • Employees often hesitate to report misconduct within their own agencies due to fear of retaliation. An independent hotline provides a safe space where whistleblowers can voice concerns without jeopardizing their careers.

  2. Conflict of Interest:

    • Internal reporting mechanisms may suffer from inherent biases or conflicts of interest. An independent hotline ensures impartiality, free from organizational pressures.

  3. Holistic Oversight:

    • By having an independent third party provide centralized whistleblower reports, we create a comprehensive view of potential issues across all departments and are able to monitor trends. This holistic oversight enables proactive intervention.

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